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First of all thanks to everyone who voted!! I really appreciate all this support! And now the winners are...

Final votes:
Batman: 9 votes
Zoro: 8 votes
Moon Knight: 6 votes
Invincible: 4 votes
Captain America: 3 votes (sorry cap😭)
Thanos: 2 votes
Black Panther: 1 vote
Vision: 1 vote
Tank girl: 1 vote
Predator: 1 vote
Spawn: 1 vote
Guts: 1 vote
Dante: 1 vote

I will be creating a character who will be a mix between Batman, Zoro Roronoa and Moon Knight!
Hi everybody!
Vote for your 3 favourite characters!
The 3 most voted characters will be mixed to create ONE unique character!! (Stop sayin' the word "character" buddy!!)

1) Tank Girl
2) Invincible
3) Thanos
4) Moon Knight
5) Captain America
6) Batman
7) Zoro Roronoa
8) Black Panther
9) Vision
10) Choose your own character! (Damnit! I said it again)
Hi everyone! Yeah, that's how I sketch my drawings before actually making the final work.

As I said before (and as you can see), I had a hard time finding an idea for the split "challenge". But I think it's looking pretty good at this moment.

My idea is to put a lot of little characters at the top of the page representing Kevin's different personalities. They're trying to reach kevin's head to take over his thoughts and his body.

The drawing is far from finished. Please comment any kind of ADVICE, CRITIQUE or SUGGESTION you can give me! It would be VERY helpful! Thank you in advance! And have a nice day!I'm working on it! (The journal) by MarcoHauwert
That guy who posts a watercolor pencil drawing without even knowing how to use them. Yeah, that's me.
I'm still a beginner in this so sometimes I try things just like that. I posted my wonder-woman aquarelle drawing pretty happy about it and then read on the internet that I just had EVERYTHING WRONG! Aparently you have to make a palette like this one above before starting with watercolors and aparently there are some NOT-To-DOs when you use watercolors. Well, I think I just did everything in that list. If there were a contest for dumb people, I wouldn't even participate 'cause they say they DON'T ADMIT PROFFESSIONALS! Hope I don't mess up my work again (even if I think I did it pretty well). Tell me in comments if YOU know something about watercolors and have a nice day!Finding out I do everything but the right thing by MarcoHauwert