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That guy who posts a watercolor pencil drawing without even knowing how to use them. Yeah, that's me.
I'm still a beginner in this so sometimes I try things just like that. I posted my wonder-woman aquarelle drawing pretty happy about it and then read on the internet that I just had EVERYTHING WRONG! Aparently you have to make a palette like this one above before starting with watercolors and aparently there are some NOT-To-DOs when you use watercolors. Well, I think I just did everything in that list. If there were a contest for dumb people, I wouldn't even participate 'cause they say they DON'T ADMIT PROFFESSIONALS! Hope I don't mess up my work again (even if I think I did it pretty well). Tell me in comments if YOU know something about watercolors and have a nice day!Finding out I do everything but the right thing by MarcoHauwert